I am worried about the conflict. How they originate, how they grow and if they are resolved or only settled. Their consequences affected me because they are often devastating and irreversible and always painful. Gratuitous damage that people cause when they are in a conflict reveals the worst of the human condition. The fact that the conflict be included in the human do not think to do so desirable.

I am worried also about the idea, so accepted, that considers the conflict as a "growth opportunity". On contrary I think the conflict enslaves us and only when we are free we can grow.

Since I began my degree in Philosophy I put into question theories that proposed conflict as promoter of progress and I preferred those which spoke of harmony and collaboration. If the conflict is really a chance - I told me-, - Why we tend to prefer relations into harmony, peaceful societies or collaborative work environments?. The answer was as simple as stating that no conflict we live better. What already presented more difficulties is the way to get it.

In 2006 I knew mediation and this discipline that helps people resolve their conflicts in a collaborative way passionated to me. Reach harmony through a process in which energies are invested in work and not in fight was what had interested me. So I began to prepare myself as mediator, I came to be it and my passion for this profession led me to write my doctoral thesis on the fundamentals of mediation.

But it is not only important to resolve the dispute but, above all, prevent it before it appears, I have expanded and completed my studying in the field of facilitation.

So I am mediator and facilitator and work from the two disciplines as a whole to achieve results in the "before", the "during" and the "after" of the conflict and I do this with my own methodology which I call emancipatory approach.

The emancipatory approach is a new way of helping to prevent and resolve conflicts that provides resources to the parties so that they can overcome the problem and so they can create new ones that will help them in other hard situations. It consists of a flexible and essentially creative procedure based on new experiences that invites to the generation of solutions.

I use it both mediation and facilitation and apply it in the place where the people are need intervention. So I raise to the maximum level of adaptation and customization to each case and provide greater quality in the control of the implementation of the adopted agreements and solutions.

I become stronger emancipatory approach researching about it, perfecting it and sharing it, through specialization courses, with my colleagues and also with all persons who work with people and who need to create peaceful relations in their working environments.